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Maintaning Projects or How to procrastinate all of your life

Good day Reader,

Lattelly I’ve been really busy with my job as a web developer at devbridge, overdue tasks and etc. Normally this wouldn’t be a really big problem since I spend about 4-6 hours working at my job, but now school finals are coming up and I don’t have any time for anything else than school, work and it’s driving me nuts! I have a handful of responsibilities that I promised to the open handhelds community I would do, even such simple things like modifying the caanoo usb host kernel module to limit the output current. But in the mean time I managed to watch some new cyberpunk flicks, gory ones like RoboGeisha (WTF N. Iguchi? First Tokyo Gore Police, now this? I wonder if you take your own movies seriuosly.) Still it was a good laugh. Oh and I managed to watch GITS 2: Innocence for the bazillion time, and I noticed something really peculiar. The lightning and the overall color choice in the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution game (or it’s trailers and cinematics) is almost exactly the same as in GITS 2. Take a look:



Not saying it’s going to be unoriginal or worse because of the GITS2-like appearance (I already have the augmented edition preordered), but it’s a fun thing to notice for a geek like me. And I personally think it’s an amazing style and give Kudos both to Mamoru Oshii and Eidos Montreal for using it.

On more personal news, I’m designing a page layout for a new website called (mindw0rks) GP2X CORNER. And this is pretty spontaniuous, I’m still not sure whether to make it a blog and blog about open handhelds and their software (ultimately scratching the “mindw0rks” from the name) or make it a website for my own personal projects on open handhelds, other consoles and most likely games in general. I currently own a GP2X CAANOO, a DINGOO A320, Nintendo DS, and I recently bought a SEGA DREAMCAST, maybe I’ll dwelve into development even on it. Some enthusiasts I know like Ayla and zear are really inspiring. But that all depends… And it depends on time, which at the moment I don’t have a lot.

My other projects like SDSTUDIOS and the SORTARM are still on hold for the same reasons like everything else – damn school finals. After I’m done with the finals I’ll be flying over to the US for a couple of months, and I am super stocked about this, US has always been and will be the raddest place for me to be at. I’ll be spend most of my days there in Chicago, but I’m willing to travel to Atlanta or Las Vegas to go to Otakon or Defcon (I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time now). Things are going to be intense, so I’m not sure If I’ll be able to do any work on my projects while I stay there, maybe I’ll be able to spend more time on software projects like OpenTag, who knows… I’m sure I won’t be able to work on my SORTARM, but I’m all ready making a part list for what will I need and will be able to buy during my stay in the US (No/Small shipping fees, YAY!). And as a matter of fact I’m looking forward in buying loads of geek swag like comics and collectibles that are just too expensive to ship here.

My dreams are steadily coming true. :)