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Been a long time everyone. Let’s jump straight to the chase.

So one day I was peacefully lurking around my regular websites looking through the news and I noticed that there was a new post on It was review of a cyberpunk animated film. I wasn’t too stocked about this because most cyberpunk movies that come out post-2000 are usually a load of crap. While skimming the review I noticed something astounding – 10/10 starts! WTH!? These guys don’t play around and don’t give excellent ratings to anything less than perfect of a movie. Technotise had the same rating such as movies like The Matrix or GITS. Naturally this meant that I had to see this flick, and boy was I surprised…

This Little Serbian masterpiece was brilliant, the soundtrack, the plot, the ideas – simply perfect. It touched such topics as A.I., technological modification of human anatomy, the machine reliance of a human and vice versa, the meaning of life expressed in a mathematical formula. This movie actually takes parts from movies like PI ( the mathematical “link to god” ), GITS ( Man-Machine Inteface, fusion of human and machine consciousness ), Heavy Metal ( Naked Broads :), The impact of technology on drugs and sex ) and it does an excellent job of getting away with it :). What touched me most is the idea of human attachment to a machine with a moderate A.I. (Otomo) Even shed a tear.

In short: this was quite a refreshing upscale film considering all the disappointments of the last five years.

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