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GameDev and other mischievous behaviour

So lately there has been some cool stuff going on. OpenTag development is getting some real momentum, as we got a new team member Demego (Other team members are me and zear) and I started writing an entity system for our little platformer. Things are looking good but it’ll take some time to get ANYTHING to work.

Here’s some sprites from the first character in OpenTag, some weapons spirtes and a “fist” sprite all slapped onto one sheet :)


Besides OpenTag, zear and I tested out the new eduke32 net code on our dingoos. Here’s the result:

eduke32 netplay

( From left to right: zear’s dingoo, my server pc, my dingoo )

Zear took this picture directly from his dingoo, hence the 320×240 resolution. But while we we’re taking group photos for our myspace accounts :) we found some bugs also. Here’s one:

Looks like duke has a hidden ability – he changes his sprites according to the music :).


And lastly after some clowning around in minecraft I made this:

Resemble anything you saw earlier? :) I’ll probably launch a minecraft server in a couple of days. I’ll post details here, and I guess I should already be going, to do something productive! I hope :|

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