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A valve for the pressure between my forehead and my nose

I haven’t written here anything lately so here I go…

For the 4-6 of you who actually read this blog (I know you exist) to answer the question where I’ve been to put it simply – NOWHERE.

I’ve been doing a lot of learning lately, mostly getting my way around linux, gaining a lot of C/C++ knowledge (incidentally vim has become my new best friend), getting to know SDL and all of its jazz.
Why? Well to put a long story short – I’ve met this guy zear on the #Dingoonity channel on freenode. Me having little experience in game development and zear being a renowned game porter but with little experience in programming we got together and decided to make a game together. Currently I don’t want to reveal any specific details about it, apart that it’s going to be a 2d platformer, and currently I’m working on the game engine and zear is working on the map/tile engine.
I’ll post links to the sources once the game has reached a playable state, but for now don’t expect any updates on it soon.

When there’s development there’s also games, that’s the way it has always been with me. I bought the Humble Indy Bundle #2 and after showing it to a couple of my friends they got it also. Truly, I’d like to see more projects like this take off, it’s a flaming success shinning profit to every indie game developer! Also, on the last day of Alpha I bought minecraft and it didn’t turn out to be such a waste of money as I expected it to. Either way all these games are great and I recommend spending your pocket change on them!

Overall, I think normal people would write something like “Happy Holidays” when their scrapping the letter labels off their keyboards on Christmas Eve, but…
Ah what the hell! Merry Christmas!

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