Magdalena’s Brain

So another day, and again there’s no time for a book. It became pretty much a habit for me – doing something all day having no time left for doing something else. So I’ve figured – writing a blog for 15 minutes every night ain’t that bad of a substitute.

But you may ask – what’s with the name, eh? Well it looked pretty suitable to use a name of a movie since it’s main idea is what has been bugging me latelly. Massive, huge headaches, spawned only by trying to concentrate your attention at something.

What am I concentrating at? Well, I’m currently studying robot kinematics, inverse kinematics to be specific, and while my implementations seem to be working theoretically, when uploaded to the actual microcontroler with (not so accurate) servos a bunch of unexpected results appear – like inverted axies and so on. I’m pretty sure with some good refining the code can work properly but mainly because of the lack of time I didn’t stop there to debug.

Now that I’ve written an IrcClient class library for the mbed I’m currently working on PS2 mouse control for the arm. And this is where all my faulty coding takes it’s toll. Without precise inverse kinematic calculations it’s basically impossible to control the arm without utterly slamming it into something fragile that was conveniently placed right next to it (Meh.). Even though I already have working code for a really simple implementation of inverse kinematics that uses only basic trigonometry, I’m still interested in other methods also, so I’ll keep you posted of the changes. See you until then.

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